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Tuesday 3 July 2018

Dark Snack

When Chapel Hill, North Carolina band Trailer Bride split up in 2004  frontwoman Melissa Swingle went on to form The  Moaners  with drummer Laura King.
While they retained a part of the Southern Gothic sound that Trailer Bride were noted for they also moved towards the scuzzy garage rock sounds of another duo The White Stripes. Years later Honeyblood were another female singer/guitarist and drummer duo to go down a similar route.

Whereas Trailer Bride were on Bloodshot, the Moaners signed to Yep Rock where they released two albums 2005's Dark Snack (the only one I have and therefore the one featured today) and 2007's Blackwing Yalobusha. A third album Nocturnal followed in 2010 on the Holidays for Quince label prior to them calling it a day.

The Moaners - Heart Attack

The Moaners - Terrier


  1. I am just about to buy this album. I do NOT want to be informed by you that these are the best two tracks on the album!

  2. How could I resist a band called The Moaners?