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Tuesday, 1 May 2018

May Day Mayhem

No, not a comment on our Prime Minister and the state of the country although it  could have  been given Brexit and the Windrush fiasco.
Rather, it is a return of a CCM tradition of playing some Imelda May on the 1st day of the month of May. Hardly original but there you go.
One from her 2008 album Love Tattoo when she shot to prominence after an appearance on the Jools Holland show.
This is followed up be her cover of Tainted Love from her next album from 2010 Mayhem.
She has fallen off my radar in recent years perhaps as a  result of a move from rockabilly, following her divorce from band member Darrell Higham , to a more soft rock and acoustic sound having received guidance from Bono no less for her latest album Life Love Flesh Blood.

Imelda May -Big Bad Handsome Man

Imelda May - Tainted Love


  1. I've been so disappointed in Imelda's recent stuff. Mayhem had some really good songs on it but some real clunkers too. As soon as she started writing songs about her young child - a trap too many musicians fall into - she lost me.

  2. Saw her a few times most notably at King Tut's just after Lux Interior's death and she did a nice wee tribute to the man.

    Haven't bought the last two albums but did hearher do a version of Lilac wine with Jeff Beck a few years ago which had me thinking that possible the direction she was going in wes not one that I wanted to follow her down.

  3. "received guidance from Bono no less for her latest album"
    FFS that's almost spoiled my day!

  4. Bono. Oh no. Noooooooooo......