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Monday, 7 May 2018

If It Ain't Stiff ....

Three songs from the compilation album If It Ain't Stiff ... released in 2001 and as the title suggests A Stiff Records collection.
Two I thought had appeared before (albeit one in a different version) but apparently not and one I know hasn't featured as someone recently pointed out it is by a band who have yet to feature on these pages

Is Vic There? by Department S was  first released by Demon Records in 1980. Stiff followed this up with their own release featuring the French version which is what you are getting today.It puts me in mind of Bill Wyman's Je Suis Un Rockstar!

Theatre of Hate were a band fronted by Kirk Brandon before he went on to Spear of Destiny. A band probably only remembered for  the great Do You Believe in the Westworld?

I have never featured Dr Feelgood before. Sorry about that. The reason? I don't currently have any of their records. Shocking but there you are. Here is a live version of Milk & Alcohol written by Nick Lowe and John Mayo the guy who replaced Wilco Johnson in the band and the man responsible for the classic guitar riff.

Department S - Is Vic There ( French Version)

Theatre of Hate -Do You Believe in the Westworld?

Dr Feelgood - Milk & Alcohol (Live)


  1. Three good'uns, very evocative stuff (although I hadn't heard the French version of Is Vic There before - just wish you hadn't said that about the godawful Wyman song, can't get it out of my brain now!)
    Loved Theatre of Hate and Spear of Destiny - gonna namedrop now but Stan Stammers was one of our local crowd for a while before he joined ToH/SodD, played in a local band and for a while also joined one of Mr SDS' old bands. Nice bloke (but he had something about him that I think we knew even then was bound to go on to something bigger!)

  2. Any version of Is Vic There is pure pleasure.
    This may be a bit out there, but the lone Department S album is a collection of song that long for there to be a New Wave "Assassin on the run" film that takes place in the streets of Soho and Les Halles in the Late 70s...