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Monday 21 May 2018

Things Have Gone to Pieces

One of the albums I took for the car on our recent trip was the one above - Pay the Devil a 2006 album by Van Morrison on the Lost Highway label.It contains 12 covers of Country standards and three originals.

I bought in on e-Bay  only to receive a burnt copy something which was not highlighted  on the site when I bought it.
It really annoyed me at the time and if I'm honest  it still rankles now.
There are lots of sleekit people out there hiding behind a screen.

Anyway the reason for today's post is that one of the covers is Things Have Gone to Pieces yet another brilliant song written by Leon Payne.
The Grumpy Irishman's version is not bad but pales into insignificance when compared to that of George Jones.
I know that George appeared here only recently but I make no apology for featuring him again.

Van sings the song. George lives the song.

Van Morrison - Things Have Gone to Pieces

George Jones - Things Have Gone To Pieces


  1. Wonderful word "sleekit".

    I'd put "Things Have Gone To Pieces" 2nd on my list of greatest ever loser songs. First place would go to "Seeds And Stems Again" by Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, from their divine debut album "Lost In The Ozone".

    And you're right about George living the song.

  2. I was expecting the VM version to be terrible, but you're right, it's not bad.No-Show's version is quite good too.....

  3. Van's recent work (ie anything from the last 20 years) has passed me by almost completely, but this is very nice indeed. Not as good as George's version though, obvs.

  4. He also does a pretty good version of There Stands the Glass which I'll get round to featuring at some stage.

  5. As The Swede said - a lot of his work from the last years passed me by but I still like this song (from everyone it was played). Thank you for this Stevie.