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Friday, 25 May 2018

Laurel Canyon Revisited

I picked up the latest Mojo at Asda in Girvan for some holiday reading. The accompanying CD The Mojo Machine Turns You On 2018 features 15 tracks about half of which for me pass muster.

There were a couple which have a Laurel Canyon feel about them and as I am a fan of music from that area and era I thought that these were the ones that I should share with you good people.

First up is Jonathan Wilson. Details of his new album Rare Birds have been popping up in my in-box but I have been by and large ignoring them as he looks a bit of a hippy and he also has associations with Father John Misty who somewhat annoys me. Pretty irrational granted but there you go.
However on the basis of the wonderful There's a  Light I may have to ditch my prejudices and dig a little deeper.
The other number with shades of Californian country rock comes from Canadian cousins Kacy Anderson and Clayton Linthicum who given Clayton's surname sensibly record under their first names,This track is taken from their album The Siren's Song produced by the great Jeff Tweedy.Again more exploration is required.


Jonathan Wilson - There's a Light

Kacy & Clayton - A Lifeboat


  1. I'm yet to be won over by Jonathan's latest LP, but if you ever see his previous effort, 'Fanfare', on your travels, snap it up pronto. It's bleedin' marvellous.

  2. I'm sure I've got a Kacy and Clayton track somewhere. This is very good. A lot better than terrible tripe that appeared on these pages yesterday

    1. Agreed but you did comment before asking who Tasmin Archer was. You now have your answer!

  3. Mr SDS used to have a shirt just like the op art background in that pic. Lovely, it was!

  4. Laurel Canyon was always my favourite movie star. Her hair-styling influenced the world and it was a sad day when she quit the business.

  5. I bought the last Jonathan Wilson album and couldn't get into it at all. The tracks I've heard from the new one do sound very good though. Then again, I like FJM, so my opinion should be taken with a bucket of salt.