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Monday, 28 May 2018


Spurred on by Drew posting John Coltrane Stereo Blues and a recommendation from the Swede I am now the proud owner of Medicine Show by The Dream Syndicate an album originally released in 1984.
There are a few Steve Wynn's on the shelves but this is the first by the band. I suspect that it wont be the last.

It gives me an opportunity to compare and contrast the band's version of the slightly sinister Merrittville with an acoustic version by Steve Wynn recorded in Hilversum, Holland and one of his three tracks on Song Circle 2002 where he appears with the late Robert Fisher, Walter Salas-Humara and Deanna Varagona.

The Dream Syndicate -Merrittville

Steve Wynn - Merrittville


  1. Good to hear that you picked up 'Medicine Show' - in my opinion it's an essential record. The quality dips a little after their first two albums, though any you happen see on your travels are worth picking up.
    Dream Syndicate 'Merrittville' or solo 'Merrittville'? Can I be the first to say that they both have their merits?
    I'll get me coat.

  2. I'm going for the accoustic version.

  3. I f you lie this one you really need their debut (Days Of Wine & Roses), trust me.

  4. That will be the now fucked John Coltrane Stereo Blues 12"! Never leave a record on the turntable and the turntable unattended when you have friends with children who have not been taught how to handle vinyl, round for a bank holidsy Sundasy meal. I learnt this costly error earlier when I went to put the record back in it's sleeve. Record and stylus goosed.