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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Static Union

I picked up Turn Out the Lights/Accelerator a CD single by the young Glasgow band Static Union shortly after it's release for Record Shop Day 2017.
I've been putting off posting it in the hope that there was an album on the horizon but I can see no indication that one is imminently forthcoming.I can wait no longer.
These two and a further three are available from Bandcamp a couple of quid will get you their entire output to date.

Some indie rock and jangly guitars from yet another exciting young Scottish band
The band consists of Sean McGarvey (vocals/guitar), James Harker (guitar/synth), Liam Adams (bass), Cameron “Kangus” Angus (drums) all in their late teens or early twenties..
Oh to be young again!

Static Union - Turn Out The Lights

Static Union - Accelerator


  1. Like it. There really is some great music coming out of Scotland at the moment. Since I started listening to a bit of Radio Scotland, I've discovered Daniel Meade, Iain Morrison, Martha Ffion and particularly Jill Jackson - all worth a listen (among others which I can't quite bring to mind at the moment).

    1. I have Jill Jackson's 2010 album Back to Zero
      Saw her live around then and she was excellent.
      Then lost touch with her stuff although I believe she has a new record out and is touring

    2. New album came out last week. Very good.

  2. Another find from your area of the world. Like this a lot.