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Saturday, 12 May 2018

The Blues Collection -B.B. King

The second of the  three Blues Collection CDs which Mrs CC recently acquired for me is by B.B. King and is imaginatively entitled The King of the Blues - do you see what they did there?
Number 2 in the series after John Lee Hooker at number 1 so they were getting a number of the big hitters out the way when the series was still fresh.
I must admit that I find the majority of the tracks on the CD to be a bit disappointing given the vast range of material and performances available out there.
If it was your first introduction to the great man you might not go back for a second bite of the cherry.
A lot of it is at the jazz noodley end of the spectrum which is not really for me and there is an unhealthy dose of misogyny which I suppose is of it's time.
It is however partly redeemed by a couple of numbers where he and his trusty guitar Lucille actually get down to playing the Blues

B.B. King - The Letter

B.B King - Recession Blues


  1. I share your opinion about the "jazz noodley end" of BB King's music.

    I have a few of his albums which have songs I really like and others that leave me cold. For some reason I used to have a bunch of his late 1970's/early 1980's albums which were very much a mixed bag.

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