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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Can it Really Be a Year?

l-r from the front - Walter,  JC,  me, Adam, Dirk, Brian, Colin, Aldo, Drew

It is the first weekend in May and the first anniversary of a truly momentous event in Glasgow.
Yes folks, it is indeed a year since the sun last shone.
And boy did it shine for the first meeting of the International Chancers Brigade as we have now been dubbed by Drew.
I think that my liver has just about recovered.
This is us in King Tut's on the Friday just after Adam joined us and just before I lost the ability to speak.

What a weekend it was and one which I hope will be repeated again with all those who made the trip and hopefully a few others.
To my shame I haven't managed to catch up with Drew or JC since but I have bumped into Aldo at gigs on a couple of occasions.

Here is a song for the brave souls who made it as far as Airdrie where the sun has yet to shine  and one for Dirk to remind him of the beer garden in Brel and also a big thank you to him for having the idea in the first place.

Until the next time

Roy Orbison -Only The Lonely

Bruce Springsteen - Girls in Their Summer Clothes


  1. It occurred to me last night that it was a year since this momentous occasion. Nice post.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It's like the opening scene from Reservoir Dogs. You all argued over tipping the waitress. Shortly after this picture was taken, you pulled a bank job that went spectacularly wrong.

  4. Marvellous. Rol's comment nearly had me spitting out my coffee with laughter.

  5. If we had attempted a bank job, it would have gone spectacularly wrong.

  6. I imagine there was also a dispute about the meaning of Like A Virgin...

  7. The less said about the ear cutting the better....

  8. By the end of the night none of us could have bit aour wee finger's never mind cut off an ear.

    Cheers one and all.

    Bumped into Comrade Colin in Mono today as I was coming out of Monorail after spending money, him lunching on something vegan, incredibly fit and lean looking. I would say he may not be able to do a bank job but by the looks of him he could run a marathon nae bother

  9. Martin, we didn't get round to the meaning of Like A Virgin too busy discussing how much of a fanny Morrissey was. Plus ca change

  10. Just look at that miserable lot. Ha! An absolutely perfect day. Thanks to our little community, our first day together was like seeing old friends.

  11. Really unforgettable moments with all of you mates.

  12. Jesus Christ, on that picture I look as if I'm so drunk that I'm gonna vomit all over the table a few seconds after the photo was taken ... thank God everyone involved can tell that this isn't true at all. Well, at least not at this stage of the proceedings ... a photo being taken in Nice 'n' Sleazys a few hours later would be handy, for comparing reasons, you know ...

    But yes, the event will never be forgotten and I hope it will be repeated soon. Wherever.