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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

There's Only One John Holt

There's only one John Holt was a song often sung from the Shed at Tannadice between 1973 and 1987 when the splendidly moustached full back was performing in one of his 269 games as a full back for Dundee United.
However it is not strictly accurate in that there is in fact more than one John Holt.
There is for instance the American author and educator who was a proponent of home schooling.
And then there is the Jamaican reggae singer and songwriter who is responsible for the two tracks below.
He is a former member of the Paragons and the writer of The Tide is High famously and brilliantly covered by Blondie.
Unfortunately these two songs are not in that league. Hardly surprising really as they are taken from Here I Come - 18 Reggae Love Songs which a got for a quid in Fopp.
He may have written The Tide is High but he never won a Scottish Championship winners medal in 1982/83!

John Holt - Here I Come

John Holt - Stealing, Stealing


  1. Oh maaan.

    When the picture popped up in my reader...I got excited. I thought this was a John Oates post.

    1. Sorry to disappoint you Erik! However if you pop over to George's place
      you will witness Mr Oates and friends in a state of undress

    2. I await a personal invitation from George.


  2. Will you be featuring any music from little-known soul-singer Hamish McAlpine? I believe his namesake played for DUFC and sported a fine moustache