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Tuesday 2 September 2014

Dolly and Porter

I downloaded this terrific picture of Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner ages ago and ever since have been looking for an opportunity to post it.
The thing is I don't own any of the music they did together.
However my dilemma was recently resolved when I acquired Like a Rose by  Ashley Monroe only to find her doing a duet with Blake Shelton in a Dolly and Porter stylee
As an added bonus you are getting my all time favourite Dolly song.
The only Porter Wagoner song I seem to own is an average version of Satisfied Mind. I could of posted that but felt it would be a whole  lot better to post a video of his terrific version of Johnny Cash's Committed to Parkview.

Porter Wagoner - Committed to Parkview


  1. Now THAT is a good Dolly Parton song, very good. Could belong to Gospel Sunday.

  2. and that first track is excellent knockabout country stuff.

  3. That's a great photo. As for a killer Porter tune, may I humbly submit