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Friday 5 September 2014

Sean, I'd Say the Best One Came From Tupelo Mississippi

Sean I'd say the best one came from Tupelo, Mississippi
I'll tell you now that grown men cry and Irish girls are pretty

Erik who has very kindly being giving us Mississippi geography lessons was scheduled to visit Tupelo this week.
This had me reaching for the shelves for references to the birthplace of a certain Elvis Aaron Presley.
First up is Mr Nicholas Edward Cave and his Bad Seeds with Tupelo from The Firstborn is Dead loosely based on the John Lee Hooker song of the same name about a flood.
This is swiftly followed by Uncle Tupelo the band that started a movement bringing Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar to the world's attention.
I was also under the impression that I had Tupelo Honey but a quick search of the Grumpy Irishman section proved fruitless. I'm sure it's there somewhere

Nick Cave &the Bad Seeds -Tupelo

Uncle Tupelo - Give Back the Key to my Heart


  1. That Uncle Tupelo track reminds of how good that band could be. Toptastic.

  2. As I mentioned trip to Tupelo was canceled.

    No smoke on Elvis's porch.

    Your sign there is on Gloster (there is a lot of Gloster in Mississippi...people, streets, towns, etc)...and Main. You can follow the arrow to Elvis's place.

    Tupelo's not really a picturesque place but, it's not dingy either.There's a lot of industry and furniture but, it has a nice little down town area...with actual businesses in it instead of antique shops. Tupelo Hardware where Elvis got his first guitar is still there.

    I love the Bad Seeds version of that song...but, it's odd to think about flooding in Tupelo. It's up in the hills in the northeast corner of the state. What they have is tornados...bad ones and the flooding from the song was caused by one of the worst tornado outbreaks ever (killed probably 300 people). Floods and fires make better fodder for songs than tornados I reckon.

    One thing about Tupelo...they have, or did have, one of the greatest Soul/Blues...Chitlin Circuit radio stations ever.