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Sunday 7 September 2014

Southern Soul Sunday 49

As this is the penultimate week of Southern Soul Sunday I hope you will indulge me by allowing me to share some more Bobby " Blue" Bland with you.
For two reasons a) because  he is Bobby Bland and b) I took receipt earlier this week of the ridiculously cheap Bobby "Blue " Bland - The Absolutely Essential 3 CD Collection.
57 tracks for less than the price of a couple of pints and some absolute gems amongst them.
The sound quality in about half a dozen of the songs is pretty poor but the rest are not bad at all.
Blues, soul, jazz -call it what you will.
The man had talent and a superb voice and is sadly missed.
The final installment next week.
H'aud me back I hear you cry!

Bobby "Blue" Bland - You Did Me Wrong

Bobby "Blue" Bland - Don't Want No Woman


  1. You just can't have enough of Bobby Blue Bland, I was just playing one of his albums yesterday. Will the last instalment be the finest soul singer of all time?

  2. Great penultimate Southern Soul track from the incomparable Bobby Blue Band. Very intrigued as to what you will finish this excellent series off with...

  3. You will both have to wait and see!

  4. Oh no, Mr. CC - say it isn't so! Only one more Southern Soul Sunday? You're going to keep us in suspense for a whole week without a hint?

    The sound quality's good on the two you've picked for today (neither of which I've heard before.) What label put out your 3-CD set?

    1. Not sure Marie - p@c to Big 3 2013 -they appear to have a series of various artist Buddy Holly. Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald - the usual suspects