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Thursday 25 September 2014

Our Little Secret

If there was any justice in this world Canadian singer/songwriter Ronald Eldon Sexsmith would be absolutely huge.
However he isn't and significantly lesser talents bask in the glory whilst Ron continues to produce a canon of work of the highest standard as these two songs from his 13th album Forever Endeavour clearly demonstrate.
Whilst, like most artists, I'm sure he would welcome some more recognition and record sales I can't help thinking that he would not be too comfortable with fame and all its associated trappings.
When someone pointed out that every record seems to get great reviews but the sales don't appear to match this he responded
It does get frustrating. Every record you make you think there's another chance to bat and you're always striking out. So it is frustrating. I don't want to be like Nick Drake and Tim Hardin. They never really had much success in their [lives]. ... All my heroes had big hits and success. I see progress in the way it's building, but it is not in the way the general public can detect. ... It's out of my hands. I'm a 35-year-old guy from Canada and I don't write groove-oriented music. So, I can't expect too much

Until then, he can remain our little secret

Ron Sexsmith - No Place To Go

Ron Sexsmith - Life After A Broken Heart

This popped upon 6 Music the other day
Liz Green doing a cover of Bowie's 5 Years
Have a listen - breathtaking (9 mins 36 secs in )

5 Years


  1. I've never heard a duff Ron Sexsmith record and I've never attended a duff Ron Sexsmith gig. I've been working on a 'Desert Island Discs' feature for some time now and when I get around to posting it, Ron will be making an appearance.

  2. Another talent that somehow seems to have the bypassed the great buying public....

  3. The Swede - looking forward to that post
    Scott - more fools them

  4. I have been hooked on Sexsmith since I saw him open for Elvis Costello and the Attractions in '96. That first album, in particular, would surely rank high on my all-time favorites list. I have lost track of him a bit and have not heard the last two albums. Perhaps this post will light a fire under me.