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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Candy Apple Grey

It has all been pleasantly mellow on CCM recently.
So it is time to notch the tempo up somewhat by featuring Candy Apple Grey from the legends that were Hüsker Dü 
From 1986 it was the fifth of the the six studio albums they were to produce during their career and the first on a major label Warner Brothers.
It was their first album to trouble The Billboard 200 reaching the dizzy heights of #140.
Unbelievable - it is now quite rightly recognised as a classic (in this household at least)
Hüsker Dü were from St Paul, Minneapolis and consisted of Bob Mould on guitars,vocals, keyboards and percussion, Greg Norton on bass and Grant Hart on drums, vocals,keyboards and percussion.
Six of the songs on the album were written by Bob Mould and four by Grant Hart
The two I have selected are by Grant Hart.
All three members are still actively involved in the music career having been involved in bands  (most notably Bob Mould in Sugar) and in pursuing solo careers.

Husker Du - Don't Want to Know if you are Lonely

Husker Du- Dead Set on Destruction


  1. Strange, without any hesitation whatsoever I would have gone for 'Sorry Somehow' .... in my eyes the standout tune on the LP!

  2. One of the loudest live bands I ever saw. Before the concert, I secured a position in the front half of the Electric Ballroom, but within seconds of them taking the stage, I was physically beaten back by the sheer ferocity of the wall of sound attacking me and soon found myself, along with many others, with my back against the rear wall, which was already cascading with condensation. The gig? Brutal, but brilliant.

  3. are you claiming that Mrs Charity Chic says this is a classic album?

    1. She may well do if she has ever listened to it but then again maybe not.
      So let's go with at least 50% of the CCM household

  4. Brilliant band but not my favourite album of theirs. Still it's got some really good songs on it. By this stage I think Bob was dominating too much. Grant Hart's songwriting is superb as evidenced by Don't want To Know if You Are Lonely.

  5. It is firmly recognised as a classic in this household too CC.
    I have a Grant Hart posting lined up for later in the week (not for Disco Friday!!)

  6. Husker Du was not my first love but, they were the first band that even my so called music friends wouldn't listen to with me...punk asses.
    Husker Du made one untouchable record...and a bunch of great ones.