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Thursday, 22 May 2014

We Are All Jacques Chirac's Bairns

Today Britain goes to the polls to vote on representatives to the European Parliament.
Sadly and worryingly a number of candidates from the odious xenophobic and racist UKIP will be elected.
I would like to re-assure my European friends that their views are not the views of the majority of British folk who find them absolutely repugnant.
However, we also have a Prime Minister who if he is re-elected (God forbid) has vowed to have an in-out referendum on membership of the EU.
Meanwhile, Scotland desperately wishes to remain a member if we become a separate country following the referendum on 18th September 2014. Reassuringly UKIP have no place on the Scottish political landscape.

If you vote UKIP, or know someone who does, this first song is for you

The Special AKA - Racist Friend

The Clash - Safe European Home


  1. Odious is the word. My biggest worry is that we Scots vote to stay in the UK and then end up out of Europe by default in 2017! It has made me think again about my vote in the referendum.

  2. The situation in Italy is even worse. I have a hard time finding an Italian politician whose opinions are close to mine or that I can trust. I'm fairly to the Left but the supposed Italian Left-wing party, the Partito Democratico, had lost my vote years ago due to constantly betraying its electorate. I'm fond of the idea of an United Europe but I think that creating or deleting borders are neither a problem or a solution: what scares me is the constant growing of the gap between those-who-have and those-who-have-not and its potential derailing of a whole continent's economy. More equity and social justice are needed, in the better interest of both of those categories (I absolutely loathe categorizing but this time I felt it to be necessary in order to get my ideas across). The sooner the ones in power realize it, the better.
    I feel that I haven't been able to adequately explain my position, and I'm sorry for that: these are the times when I am reminded that my grasp of the English language is still far from perfect.

  3. Still 1000 times better than my Italian.= and I suspect CC is the same