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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Tantallon Road's Finest

Although born in New Malden in Surrey Iain David McGeachy spent the majority of his childhood residing at 10 Tantallon Road, Shawlands Glasgow just a mile of so from CCM HQ.
So what I hear you cry -he was better known as John Martyn - that's so what.
I must take a wander down to see if there is a blue plaque in his honour..
John Martyn was an extremely gifted folk, jazz and rock musician.
However he also had a number of faults- he dabbled in drugs, drank far too much which contributed to having his right leg amputated below the knee and he was friendly with Phil Collins.
He did however leave an impressive canon of music in particular Solid Air (1973), One World (1977) and Grace and Danger (1980).
These two tracks are taken from One World- I have the CD somewhere currently buried under a heap of others in the kitchen.
So instead I have taken them from a Primo Collection Anthology purchased in my local charity shop last weekend.

John Martyn - Dealer

John Martyn - Couldn't Love You More


  1. For some unknown reason I hadn't listened to a lot of John Martyn until a mate made a Best Of recently for me ,so I have a fair bit of catching up to do. I feel he can be forgiven for the drink and drugs but befriending Phil Collins may be to just a step too far. There is only so much you can forgive.

  2. The first concert I ever walked out on. John Martyn, Caird Hall Dundee ca. 1981, after 5 tracks of sheer tedium.

  3. Scott - you are quite correct sir - any connection with Phil Collins, however slight is inexcusable
    Like you I am somewhat late to the table as concerns mr martyn
    George - I would imagine that there would be every chance that one of his concerts would either be absolutely brilliant or absolutely terrible

  4. Scott you maybe right, however the version that the version of Ways To Cry that the two of them recorded is heartbreakingly beautiful.

    He lived not far from here for some time. I had to throw him out of the pub that I worked in once as he was about 3 days into a bender and the owner thought he was a tramp.

    He was friendly with a guy who had a studio out in Crawfordjohn and who a mate of mine's was in a band with. The lucky get jammed with Martyn on quite a few occasions and went on tour with him.

    1. Friend of the stars Drew!
      My pal was at college with a guy who ended uop in his band