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Friday, 16 May 2014

Some Friday Reggae

It's Friday, the weather appears to be taking a turn for the better, I'm going to the Cup Final tomorrow and I am off work all next week.
Time to celebrate with a bit of Reggae I feel.
Two songs from a cheap and cheerful compilation the ambitiously titled and I would argue erroneously titled
Reggae Classics
Now don't get me wrong there are some great artists on here - Horace Andy, Max Romeo, Delroy Wilson and Gregory Issacs to name but four.
There are also some good songs on this CD and indeed some very good ones such as this Bob Marley cover by The Heptones and a fine number by Johnny Clarke
But classics? I think not.
Nevertheless, an excellent way to end the week and to set you up for the weekend

The Heptones - Natural Mystic

Johnny Clarke - Keep On Moving

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