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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Saturday Lucky Dip

It's time for a new series!
Like many of you, I suspect, I have shedloads of compilation CDs just lying around gathering dust and rarely listened to.
Mostly from the likes of Mojo and Uncut but also a variety of other sources.
So this series will encourage me to actually listen to them and to select a couple of tunes every Saturday for your listening pleasure.
First up is Rebellious Jukebox an Uncut CD from February 2003.
It contains such luminaries as The Fall (hence the title of the CD), Neko Case,The Blasters,Billy Bragg and Orange Juice
However the first track I've selected is Gold in Them Hills by the great Canadian singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith.
This is followed by a cover of The Bee Gees To Love Somebody  by the mighty Slobberbone , out of Denton Texas and possessing the world's tallest bass player (Brian Lane) within their number.
I suspect this series could run and run.

Ron Sexsmith - Gold in Them Hills

Slobberbone -To Love Somebody


  1. Good idea for a new series CC. Like yourself I have hundreds of these CD's from Mojo and Uncut lying about that never get played.

  2. Hopefully some hidden gems out there Scott

  3. Slobberbone - isn't that just a great name for a band. Good version of the Gibb's song too.