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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Southern Soul Sunday 34

When I checked a  certain on-line encyclopedia for a list of Southern Soul artistes the name Mavis Staples popped up.
I'm never sure where Southern Soul begins and ends but any excuse to play Mavis is good enough for me.
A mainstay of the Stax label  (from Memphis - the Southern link?) as part of the glorious Staples Singers with  Pop,Cleo and Yvonne, Mavis has since gone on to a solo career
These tracks are taken from her 2004 record on Alligator Records Have a Little Faith a record which would not be out of place on George's Gospel Sunday
You are getting the title from the album together with her rendition of a Staples Singers standard.
She has since gone on to have records produced by the likes of Ry Cooder and Jeff Tweedy
A nice wee quote from Mavis "This is the joy I have, the world didn't give it to me"

Mavis Staples - Have a Little Faith

Mavis Staples - Will the Circle be Unbroken


  1. Er... isn't that a picture of Bettye LaVette?

  2. I think Darcy's right there...........

  3. Don't feel bad - the people who originally post the photos on google for "our use" (ha), often don't have a clue. In a search for Marie Knight, I found upteen photos of Sarah Vaughan labelled as MK; Benny Spellman is often misrepresented by a photo of Lloyd Price.

  4. You are all quite correct - I have now rectified.
    I did wonder but have now learnt as Marie has pointed out not to take google images at face value!