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Wednesday 18 December 2013

The Wisdom of Solomon

Whereas O.V. Wright may not have been a physical giant of a man, Solomon Burke certainly was.
He was also prone to performing from a throne as befits the King of Rock n' Soul.
He was also an ordained bishop with Solomon's Temple - the House of God for All People and he fathered at least 14 children.
What with around 40 albums and a multiple of singles over his 55 year recording career he was a bit of a busy man.
He enjoyed a degree of success in the 60's on the mighty Atlantic label.
His career somewhat inevitably took a dip over the years before being resurrected in 2002 by the Joe Henry produced Don't Give Up On Me on the not so mighty but ever splendid Fat Possum Records.
It is nearly on a par with Johnny Cash's American Recordings. Yes, it's that good.
And here's the proof.
I was listening to The Delivery Man by Elvis Costello the other day and his original version of The Judgement is mighty fine but Solomon takes it to an even higher level.
The second offering is with the Blind Boys of Alabama and in the sleevenotes Joe Henry describes how this was recorded in one take on a semi impromptu jamming session.It is absolutely awesome.
If this does not move you I'm afraid you have no soul!

Solomon Burke - The Judgement

Solomon Burke - None of Us Are Free

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  1. S******, two absolutely tremendous songs. One of which was going to feature at some stage on Gospel Sunday.