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Thursday 26 December 2013

St Stephen's Day


Today is Boxing Day or more properly St Stephen's Day.
It is also Mrs CC's birthday. She never tires of asking our nephews "Who was born on the day after baby Jesus?" -although obviously not in the same year.
To celebrate we will be running around like blue bottomed flies wining and dining both arms of the family.
Plying everyone with drink usually makes the day go smoother.

So in wishing Mrs CC a happy birthday and in recognition of St Stephen's Day - there can only really be one song.

Happy Birthday

Apologies for the jump at the end


  1. .....Happy Birthday to R******. Hope today is not too stressful spending time with all that family. And tremendous song. Quite possibly the finest pop song ever written.

  2. Nothing we can't handle George. And what a great name for a saint!