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Monday, 16 December 2013

The Drum is Everything

A bit hungover today after a trip to Kilmarnock to see Dundee United slaughter the home team followed by beers in the Clansman and Fanny By Gaslight and a rather fine curry in the Jewel in the Crown.(Written on Sunday - it was not that big a hangover!)
Now back to the music.
My recent purchasing foray which netted Show People by Mari Wilson also yielded No. 10 Upping Street by Big Audio Dynamite (Swiss Adam will be pleased) and the Drum is Everything by Carmel.
I had both of these on cassette once upon a time but they will now be buried deep in a landfill somewhere.
Carmel enjoyed a brief period of success in the UK but were huge in France.
I saw them a couple of times back in the day  including once at Glasgow Art School where Ms McCourt was even drunker than I was but still put on a splendid show.

Carmel - The Drum is Everything

Carmel - Rue St Denis (Version)


  1. like your way of writing and bringing life to your blog

  2. Thanks but the photos are not in the same league as Santorini Mysteries!

  3. Thank you CC for bringing Carmel back into my mind