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Monday, 1 July 2013

Mexican Monday 12

Y ahora, el final está cerca y entonces enfrento el telón final

 as both Frank Sinatra and Sid Vicious sang although thankfully not together.

Here is  the final installment of Mexican Monday - a song suggested by George which started off the series (he's to blame!) It may well be an anti-climax to many!

Confession time - I purchased a CD with this on for 99p with the sole intention of featuring this track in this series.
I haven't played the CD in it's entirety and I suspect I never will.

It's been fun over the last 12 weeks  (and thanks for the nice comments) and for those who like lists (and who doesn't?) here are the artists who have featured:

MM1 -Wall of Voodoo
MM2 - Texas Tornados
MM3 - Mike Heron
MM4 - Del Castillo
MM5 - Cake
MM6 - Chieftains
MM7 - Alejandro Escovedo
MM8 - Tish Hinajosa
MM9 - Calexico
MM10 -Patricia Vonne /Alejandro Escovedo
MM11 -Flaco Jiminez
MM12 - Roger Whittaker

Plus an honorary mention for Jim Reeves whose Mexican Joe was featured prior to this series.

Time to think of another series .....

Roger Whittaker - Mexican Whistler


  1. I for one have enjoyed this series. Thanks to all involved.

  2. And what a terrific song, fabulous. Could we now have a Whistling Wednesday? Sunday Gospel? Twangy Tuesday? Fall Friday (go on, you're a big fan)? Tex-Mex Tuesday?

  3. Thinking of Bloodshot Tuesday

  4. Just played this track. Mrs 50% quite impressed, but not nearly as much as me. Tremendous.