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Friday 12 July 2013

Cohn Man

Marc Cohn is famous for one song - Walking in Memphis - from his eponymous 1991 debut album.
It was a minor hit at the time but later became huge when it was subsequently murdered by Cher.
Indeed the picture above shows Mr Cohn's reaction when he first heard her version.
I got the album in a huge barn of a charity shop/second hand emporium in Castle Douglas.
It is pretty bland and I've also included the only other single from the album by way of proof.
He seems to have produced a number of other albums over the years but they don't appear to have troubled the charts.
I suppose he can live out a comfortable life on the royalties of that song
A slightly out of the ordinary fact from my extensive research (ie Wikipedia) he was shot in the head during an attempted car jack in 2005 with the bullet striking him on the temple but not penetrating the skull

Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis

Marc Cohn - Silver Thunderbird

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  1. Whenever I hear this song it makes me want to hear Rex Bob Lowenstein by Mark Germino for some reason