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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Bloodshot Tuesday 2

This week's offering is from one of the earlier Bloodshot bands - Grievous Angels from their 1998 album Miles on the Rail (BS038)

I don't have a huge amount of info about them
They were from Tempe, Arizona and consisted of Earl C Whitehead, Daniel Henzerling, Jon Rauhouse (of whom more later), Mickey Ferrell and Jesus H Navarro.
Obviously they are named after the superb Gram Parsons album of the same name.
The track posted here is a Tom Waits cover - but don't let that put you of.
As the Bloodshot website notes they split up on 2000 due to overall lack of interest on the part of the music buying public. Yet Sting continues to make a living - there is no justice.

Grievous Angels - Cold Cold Ground

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