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Monday, 15 July 2013

African Football Theme Night

The Kaiser Chiefs hail from Leeds but took their name from the South African football club Kaizer Chiefs the first club of ex Leeds United legend Lucas Radebe.
This is one of the many hits from their 2005 album Employment available in most good charity shops.
It is also a favourite of football fans when seeing a slightly portly player or opposing fan leading to the chant " I predict a diet!"
More importantly for the purposes of this post it serves as the preamble for the main event - a trip slightly further north up the continent to Zimbabwe and  a truly magnificent 13 minute epic from the Real Sounds of Africa.
Sticking to the football theme, I have a vivid memory of listening to this in the Tuscan hills whilst in Italy for the 1990 World Cup driving through the village we were staying in and further up the mountain so that we could listen to it in its entirity.
Still stunning after all these years

Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict a Riot

Real Sounds of Africa - Dynamos vs Tornados


  1. Did you ever ask for "il ponte" whilst in Italy?

  2. That would be "the bridge" rather than "the bill " (il conte) George and would be very silly

  3. Actually it's il conto. My father was from Tuscany, therefore I love those places. Hope you had a good time there.

  4. Once upon a time in Prague an Italian tourist was trying to get himself a decent cup of coffee. He entered a bar and tried to ask the waitress for an espresso. The waitress was having none of it. So the Italian tourist, fearing he would have been served the usual infamous long broth that passes for coffee in most European countries (sorry), decided to try the usual Italian way: gestures. He pointed to the coffee machine, then to himself and then put the thumb and forefinger of his hand very close to one another. The waitress replied, in perfect English: "C'mon, I can't believe you're THAT small!".
    See, I've done worse..

  5. CCM end of term school report - must do better, particularly at languages and contemporary literature
    I really enjoyed Tuscany Luca and will hopefully go back some day
    The people were fantastic and I remember the people of Genoa coming out of their houses to applaud the Scotland supporters and to give them food and drink
    I like your Prague story
    When I was there I stuck to beer rather than coffee given that it was cheaper than water!

  6. And I did the same.. but then I'm a caffeine-based form of life.. I just hope I don't come across as the most annoying commenter in the history of the blogosphere. I promise I'll try to be less pedantic. Go Scotland!