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Sunday 14 July 2013


This pleasant weather has made my mind turn to Freedy Johnston's 1992 album Can You Fly  which I consider to have a summer feel to it
He's recorded a few albums since but this is the one I keep returning to- indeed he sold some of his family farmland to finance it's recording
First up is possibly the only song ever recorded about a Mortician's Daughter.
The second post is the last song on the album We Will Shine which featured on just about every compilation tape I compiled in the late 90s/early 00's

Get your red dress on , we'll go out tonight ..........
Top stuff -they very nearly named a chocolate bar after him!


  1. Is that the Italian name for the chocolate bar Luca?

  2. You REALLY didn't get it, CC?

    Anyway, just in case..
    It was a play on words inspired by the one in the post with the chocolate bar, and using a word created by the late great Douglas Adams (, with the aim to give praise to the same post and its author.. oh, eff it, I'll come clean: I was just showing off, you know, trying to come across as a oh-so-clever-me.
    It happens.

  3. Every day is a school day Luca
    I'm obviously not a Hitchhiker fan
    Still I'm happy tp be described as "Unbelieveably excellent, especially in a chilled-out, laid back way." as opposed to being compared to a chocolate bar!