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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Lawyers, Guns and Money

The late, great Warren Zevon may well have been writing about the Vinyl Villian -Blogger take note

Zevon was a terrific songwriter with such songs as Werewolves of London , Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner and of course the mighty Carmelita.
However, perhaps his most powerful piece of work was his album The Wind recorded shortly before his premature death at the age of 56
I defy anyone to listen to this and not get a lump in their throat from Knocking on Heaven's Door and in particular Keep Me in Your Heart.

What we need JC is Lawyers, Guns and Money!

Warren Zevon - Lawyers, Guns and Money


  1. Excellent track. Do we get a special track for tomorrow? (and don't say we'll see).

  2. it is a great loss of Zevon's death