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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Build a Bridge

Round about 2005 I saw the Redwalls supporting someone at King Tuts, possibly the Raveonettes.
Whoever it was they pretty much blew the main act away and I wasted no time in acquiring their album De Nova.
The main men appear to have been the Baren Brothers - Justin and Logan.
I kept one eye on their career which started promisingly with them supporting Oasis (and again I suspect bettering them) but it seems to have petered out fairly quickly and the classic musical differences quickly appeared leading to the band splitting.
Apologies if a different name appears for this track on your system.
I've got a promo copy and it could be that the track list was subsequently changed
This is Build a Bridge as opposed to Thank You

The Redwalls - Build a Bridge


  1. It wasn't The Raveonettes CC, I would have remembered this lot as that is good. 2005 I think was when Dogs supported the Danish Duo at the Wah Wah Hut.

  2. Drew, the power of the internet tells me that the concert was on Saturday 7th May 2005 and that the immediately forgetable main act were Nine Black Alps

  3. The internet is a wonderful thing, is it not.