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Sunday 30 June 2013

Sex, Food, Death ... and Kung Fu

There are those, like me who think that Robyn Hitchcock is a National Institution. There are others who think he belongs in a National Institution!

He started off with the Soft Boys in the 70s before going solo with backing bands the Egyptians and the Venus 3.
In between, the Soft Boys have had a number of reunions.
Peter Buck, of REM fame,  a huge fan is a member of the Venus 3.
He has a huge number of albums which unfortunately you can never get cheaply, such is his cult following, and which never appear in charity shops.

The first track is the title track from a 2006 LP and  the subsequent live 2007 EP featured above.
The second is his take on Karl Douglas' Kung Fu Fighting.

A true English eccentric -long may he reign!

Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 - Ole Tarantula

Robyn Hitchcock - Kung Fu Fighting


  1. Ah, it all makes sense now!

    Any interest in a Colombian version of Kung Fu Fighting?

  2. Bring on the Colombian version. The version on today's blog sounds like a karaoke attempt....