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Sunday, 9 June 2013


Like most folk I was only ever familiar with Minnie Riperton through Lovin' You.
A couple of years ago, however, I bought Les Fleurs  The Minnie Riperton Anthology in Bernandos Music Shop in Glasgow's Victoria Road which I think is no longer there.
Those, like me, who were expecting more of the same were in for a shock.
It is a mixture of rock 'n'soul and some fairly trippy songs as  these two posts demonstrate.
I was put in mind to listen to and post from this when someone recently posted Inside My Love.
An interesting album and well worth a purchase.
Sadly, Minnie died from cancer in 1979 at the tragically young age of 31.
A unique talent.

Minnie Riperton - Reasons

Minnie Ripperton - Les Fleurs


  1. Great album. And song choice.

  2. After all, with Mexican Monday (and 50% in the house are waiting expectantly for the next instalment), could we have Chas'n'Dave Tuesday?