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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A Paisley Buddy in a Previous Life

                                                                Love Street 1990

In a previous post on my occasional series on Paisley artists here I featured Jill Jackson and made reference to the fact that she used to be in a band called Speedway who had an album called Save Yourself out in 2004.
As chance would have it I subsequently stumbled across the album in a charity shop whilst on holiday and it is very good indeed.
She is joined in the band by Jim Duguid and Tom Swann and the two songs featured here are the ones I referred to in my previous post.

Staying on the Paisley in a previous life theme the picture is of Love St the former home of St Mirren.
In common with many other teams they have now abandoned their town centre location handy for train stations, pubs etc and moved to an identikit stadium in the middle of an industrial estate off the beaten track.
Meanwhile Love Street,which was earmarked as a supermarket, is now a pile of rubble blotting the landscape.
And they wonder why football is going to the dogs.

Speedway - Can't Turn Back

Speedway - In and Out


  1. Such a great name as well- Love Street. What's the name of the identikit place they play now?

    *uses google*

    St Mirren Park. Could be worse I suppose.

  2. I've never felt the urge to go to the new stadium Adam
    Daresay Drew has never been given that Airdrie are now a couple of divisions below the Buddies!