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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Many Rivers to Cry

According to T'Interweb the jazz standard Cry Me a River , written by Arthur Hamilton, has been recorded by well over 50 artists.
Here are 3 versions for your listening pleasure and I would be interested in any views as to which is  the best, or if you think there are better versions out there.

First up, is Mrs Costello, jazz diva Diana Krall from her 2001 albumThe Look of Love where with "her quartet and the London Symphony Orchestra she performs a sensual collection of ballads and bossa novas" (© Pseuds Corner).
Next up is Scotland's own Kim Edgar - Burns Unit member who recorded an excellent album recently The Ornate Lie. This is from an earlier album 2006's Love for Sale mainly a collection of excellent live covers
Finally, and the pick off the bunch as far as I am concerned is the great Miss Julie London from back in the 60's. Better even than Justin Timberlake and Susan Boyle -combined!

Diana Krall -Cry me a River

Kim Edgar -Cry me a River

Julie London -Cry me a River

In the unlikely event that anyone is interested, Heidi Talbot was very good last night. CD's purchased which will feature later.


  1. You missed out the version by the Neasden Queen of Soul, Mari Wilson. I fucking love Cry Me A River

  2. Good call Drew
    I've also got a great downloaded version by Sam Cooke

  3. Drew, you're wrong there. As are you CC. (Am I allowed to use your real name here?). By the way, Mari Wilson put on a belting live show in 1984 at the GLC. The Smiths, by comparison, were rubbish. The 3 Johns were very good. And there was a youth wandering around with huge bag of dope.

  4. Saw Mari Wilson live a view times and she was never less than excellent

  5. Unfortunately I have never had the pleasure, I expect that she would be brilliant.