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Monday, 3 June 2013

Mexican Monday 8

Like Alejandro Escovedo, Tish Hinajosa is a Texan child of Mexican immigrants and in her case she is the youngest of 13!
She sings in both Spanish and English and these songs are taken from her 1992 Rounder Records album Culture Swing which I have just about played to death over the years.
First up is Something in the Rain - a heartbreaking story  of migrants working in the fields and the problems of inappropriate pesticide use (a laugh a minute)
On a cheerier note I have no idea what Corazon Viajero is about except that it is absolutely gorgeous.
Apologies if you are getting the wrong track info up for these songs - my burning software was playing silly beggars only recognising some tracks and naming others wrongly.
Hopefully the names of the tracks you are not getting will inspire you to buy this and many more of her records

Tina Hinajosa - Something In The Rain

Tish Hinajosa - Corazon Viajero


  1. Travelling heart. In Portuguese: coração de viagem. I think there's a similarity between Spanish and Portuguese. The other 50% of the house think not.

  2. I could type in a pronunciation guide for the portuguese translation if you wanted one

  3. Is there no beginnings to your talent?!

  4. Hi
    i love your songs and your voice makes me to get stunned..seeing a much talented girl in this age seems really toughest..

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