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Monday, 17 June 2013

Mexican Monday 10

It is the turn of San Antonian native Patricia Vonne ,nee Patricia Rodriguez ,this week as Mexican Monday begins to shuffle towards the setting son.
Her song Traeme Paz featured in the film Once Upon a Time in Mexico but it is two songs from her 2005 album Guitars and Castanets (or Guitarras y Castanuelas if you prefer the Spanish version) that feature here.
Not only does she sing and look the part often appearing in traditional costume but she plays a mean set of castanets as I can testify having seen her life.
Not to be outdone the previously featured Alejandro Escovedo also pops up with Castanets which I suspect may have been written with her in mind given they are close friends and have often played together.
Apparently on finding out Castanets was on George W Bush's i-pod Alejandro refused to  play it until he was on  his way out of office - top bloke!
Only two more weeks to go, I think

Patricia Vonne - La Gitana de Triana

Patricia Vonne - Guitarras y Castanuelas

Alejandro Escovedo - Castanets

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