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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Welcome to Janiva

The Blues Collection is currently in a green plastic container on the kitchen floor under various other boxes.
However, the generic Blues section which is filed in a different area is more readily to hand.
And it is from there that I have selected Bury Him at the Crossroads from Janiva Magness for your listening pleasure today.
Janiva is an American blues singer. Until today I thought she was Canadian probably due to the fact that this record from 2004 is on the Northern Blues record label from Toronto
This appears to be her 5th from 9 albums starting from 1997 with the last one to date being from 2012.
I first stumbled across her courtesy of the excellent Paul Jones Rhythm and Blues show on BBC Radio 2
As the sleevnotes state - "a vocalist with a belting voice like there is no tomorrow-backed by an incredible roots band"

Janiva Magness - Bury Him at the Crossroads

Janiva Magness - The Soul of a Man

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