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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Jones Boy Has Done It Again

If this is your introduction to George Jones (that's kind of hard to conceive) you're in for a rare treat.
If you are a Jones fan, like most of the country, settle back and relax... the Jones boy has done it again!

Wise words from the sleevenotes to 1972's Poor Man's Riches.
Not too many men could carry off a green suit with matching cowboy boots!
Nothing more to say really - just sit back and enjoy the music

George Jones - She Still Thinks I Care

George Jones - I Can't Get Used to Being Lonely


  1. Loving the suit, only George Jones could carry that off.

  2. That's a pretty amazing pic, CC and that shade of green isn't for the faint of heart! Scott's right - though maybe Buck Owens would be tempted to give it a shot.

    I love George Jones' voice, so enjoyed these two tracks very much. Thanks.

  3. Strategically placed on a bar stool too!

  4. "Just because I asked a friend about her....." what a superb song. Green suit terrible. Green boots worse. My version of this song is different.