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Monday 24 June 2024

The Bathers at the GUU


On Thursday night we went to see The Bathers at Glasgow University Union's Debating Chamber. It is  a bit of a distance across the city (about 8 miles) but the bus took us from door to door

The first part of the show saw the band play their latest album Sirenesque (on Last Night From Glasgow) in order and in its entirety. Main man Chris Thomson was a picture of concentration as he marshalled the band, which included a string section, through the 12 songs off the album. I've included the final one She Rose Through the Isles for your listening pleasure.

Once the album was out of the way Chris visibly relaxed and began to interact with the audience as they played an old Friends Again song and a few from their back catalogue. Drummer Hazel Morrison heroically delivered a number of operatic arias despite having a cold. The Angel on Ruskin was very good but the highlight for me was Kelvingrove Baby particularly given we were within spitting distance of Kelvingrove Park.

All in all an excellent evening.

The Bathers - She Rose Through the Isles

The Bathers - Kelvingrove Baby


  1. Commiserations on last night's result. How that wasn't a penalty I don't know.

    1. Thanks
      We were really poor across all three games.

  2. Another one I wish I could have witnessed. The new album is an absolute stunner. Which song from Friends Again did he pull out? Very curious. When Cherry Red reissued Trapped and Unwrapped there were rumors of a Friends Again reunion show in your town, but I don’t think it happened. Might have made the flight for that one. - Brian