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Tuesday 11 June 2024

On Your Bike - Rol


Rol writes:

Never one to resist a challenge, etc. etc., here are some more songs with bikes in them, starting with

a band I normally have very little time for.

Pink Floyd - Bike

The closing track from their 1967 debut LP, Piper At The Gates of Dawn, this is really more of a Syd

Barrett solo song, and I think it’s wonderful. It all went downhill (without brakes) after Syd left…

C will be happy! - Ed)

I can hardly post that without also posting a song by another band who are largely (and most

unfairly) reviled in many quarters of the blogosphere. It’s an obvious choice, but – I’m sorry – it

always makes me smile…

Queen - Bicycle Race

After those, how can I redeem myself in the ears of the cognoscenti? How about some Peel

favourites from Sheffield, circa 1986…

One Thousand Violins - I Remember When Everybody Rode Bikes - Now We All Drive Cars

Here’s another Peel favourite, and a keen cyclist too – Nigel Blackwell. There is surely nothing worse

than washing sieves.

Half Man Half Biscuit - Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes

And we’ll close with the Wild Thing himself… because I figure I have to include at least one song that

CC will approve of.

Chip Taylor - Broken Down Bicycles

CC writes - thanks Rol. I approve of all of them with the exception of number 2! And many thanks for the Chip Taylor album. It's a belter

I have some songs from Martin which I will feature in due course and am happy if others choose to get on their bikes and ping some suggestions and/or words over.


  1. I will give all bar one of these tracks a fair listen.

  2. I knew BTO (as the cognoscenti call them) had other songs but I didn't know 1000 Violins had other songs about from their excellent self-titled single. Thanks Rol and CC.

  3. I give myself the day off on my own blog (to allow George free reign) only to end up moonlighting over here. There really is no rest for the wicked.

  4. Kicking myself for not remembering that one from 1000 Violins. Nicely done, sir. - Brian