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Saturday 15 June 2024

Saturday Shuffle 56


Another week gone, another Shuffle beckons.

Today's picture is of a Beast of Burden renowned for heavy lifting. The Rolling Stones have done a bit of heavy lifting over the years none more so than their 1978 album Some Girls from which this song is lifted. Their last great album..

I'm not sure that Easter by Patti Smith (or the Patti Smith Group to be precise) could be described as great. Maybe just very good. It does contain her most famous and probably best song Because The Night written, as you all know, by Bruce Springsteen . He probably wished that he had kept it for himself but it worked out alright in the end

Chinese Rocks was written by Dee Dee Ramone and Richard Hell. Dee Dee wanted the Ramones to record It but that was vetoed by Johnny due to it being drug related. This left the door open for Hell's then band Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers to release it. It was subsequently included on the Ramones album End of the Century with the title Chinese Rock. Every day's a school day.

More pointless shuffled trivia next Saturday.

Rolling Stones -Beast of Burden

Johnny Thunder and the Heartbreakers -Chinese Rocks

Patti Smith - Because the Night


  1. Replies
    1. More than can be said of Scotland last night!

    2. You still have time to turn things round

  2. One of my favourite Stones' tracks Beast of Burden