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Sunday 16 June 2024

Sunday Highway Songs 11


We are beginning to reach the end of the highway but there are still a few miles to negotiate.

Let's commence then with one of our favourite Psychedelic Americana bands Rose City Band and Moonlight Highway. It is taken from their 4th album 2023's Garden Party. It is the only one that I don't have as I think that it is not as good as its predecessors.

I do however have Honest Life the 2016 5th album by country singer Courtney Marie Andrews on which Highway Lines is the 11th track.

Strolling Down the Highway might have been possible in th 60's when Bert Jansch was in his prime but it wouldn't be advisable now particularly if you were stupid enough to do so with a baby in a pushchair

Rose City Band - Moonlight Highway

Courtney Marie Andrews - 15 Highway Lines

Bert Jansch - Strolling Down the Highway

Newxt Sunday sees what may well be our penultimate Highway adventure 


  1. The Courtney Marie Andrews track is excellent, great choice

  2. When you reach the end of the highway will you be continuing the journey on back roads and country lanes?

    1. PS Agree with George about Courtney Marie. 'Honest Life' is my favourite of her albums that I have heard.