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Sunday 10 December 2023

Shazam Sunday 2


Micah P Hinson is a name that I am vaguely familiar with. I don't  knowingly have any music by him but there is every chance that he may have popped up in a compilation/various artists or two.

Beneath the Rose was one of the first songs that I shazamed. Again it was something off TV but until I explored further I couldn't tell you what. It turns out that it was from a Channel Four series written by Shane Meadows and starring Stephen Graham called The Virtues. I have a vague memory of watching a small snippet of it before being put off by the violence. I should maybe have stuck with it as it seems to have had an interesting soundtrack particularly if you like PJ Harvey.

I recognised the small segment of Getting Nowhere Fast but it took Shazam to confirm the song which of course  was by Girls at Our Best. Again I am not sure as to which TV show it was on. I am now trying to get more assiduous in recording the source of any song I shazam.

Micah P. Hinson - Beneath the Rose

Girls At Our Best - Getting Nowhere Fast

It turns out that Micah has in fact appeared here before on a guest post by George

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