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Wednesday 6 December 2023

Brothers Sisters .. 8


Hopefully this week's pair are a more even match than we have had over the last few weeks.

The MP3s of the Soul Brothers Six only initially flagged up the words Soul Brothers. Looking this up led to Soul Brothers  the oldest and active African traditional music group in South Africa which is entering Ernie territory and a Studio One backing band from Jamaica

Fortunately when following up on the song titles I realised that they were by Soul Brothers Six an American R&B band formed in  Rochester, New York in the mid 60's.Suddenly it all made sense. These songs are taken from a Cherry Red compilation Ain't Nothing But a House Party - 60s and Early 70s Club Soul Classics here

The Kim Sisters are from a slightly earlier part of that period. They were a Korean born American female singing group consisting of Kim Sook-ja (Sue), Kim Al-ja (Aiga) and Kim Min-ja (Mia). The were the first South Korean music group to achieve success in the United States and appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show over 20 times.

These songs are taken from yet another compilation He's a Rebel - The Girl Groups of the 60s on the One Day Music label here

I think this one is too close to call.

Soul Brother Six - Some Kind of Wonderful

Soul Brothers Six - I'll Be Loving You

The King Sisters -You Can't Have Everything

The Kim Sisters - Mr Magic Moon


  1. I'd never heard of the Kim Sisters so thanks for the introduction. Very pleasant but I think I'll go for the Brothers this time. "Some Kind of Wonderful" is a cracker.

    I can vouch for the South African Soul Brothers. They have appeared at my place but not for many years.

  2. Definitely a more even match, but the Brothers take it for me also.

    Still waiting for Bros to make an appearance.

  3. I'm waiting for the brothers Followill against the Appleton sisters. Swc.

  4. Wanted to like the sistren but I'm going for the Soul Brothers on this occasion