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Saturday 2 December 2023

Saturday Shuffle 30


Saturday Shuffle returns to its spiritual home for episode 30 with three absolute belters.

Tell Mama is perhaps the most famous song by Blues/R&B legend Etta James. Good that it undoubtedly is it is not her best song. That would be Almost Persuaded.

ABC's best song? That could by any one of the 10 songs on their 1982 debut album The Lexicon of Love which is quite simply one of the best pop albums of all time.  The Look of Love (Part One) side 2, track 1 is as good as anything you will here today.

That's classics from the 60s and the  80s covered so it is probably time for something from the 70s. 77 to be precise.77 was of course the debut album by Talking Heads with The Book I Read being another terrific side 2, track 1 song.

More random nonsense next Saturday but probably not quite as good as this.

Etta James - Tell Mama

ABC - The Look of Love (Part One)

Talking Heads -The Book I Read


  1. I thought Saturday Shuffle's spiritual home was your local gym?

  2. Can't argue with any of those... though I might argue that Etta James's most famous song is I Just Want To Make Love To You. Surely?