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Friday 8 December 2023

Thank Buck it's Friday


Earlier this year Buck Meek from the brilliant Big Thief released a solo album called Haunted Mountain. This coupled with the legend that is Uncle Buck on the telly recently had me thinking about all thinks Buck.

In addition to Mr Meek there is of course the Country legend Buck Owens whose band were the Buckaroos. Then we have the Canadian alternative hip hop artist Richard Terfry who goes by the more snappy stage name Buck 65.

No post about Bucks would be complete without a nod to Peter Buck a man of many bands most notably R.E.M. for whom he wrote many classic songs including the one below.

A couple of songs to finish off with .The Robbie Fulks number The Buck Stops Here name checks the aforementioned Mr Owens alongside other Country legends. Feeder go a stage further by referencing a factitious science fiction adventure hero.

That's me all out of Buck.

Buck Meek - Haunted Mountain

Buck Owens - Buckaroo

Buck 65 - Drawing Curtains

R.E.M. - What's the Frequency, Kenneth

Robbie Fulks - The Buck Stops Here

Feeder - Buck Rogers


  1. Didn't Feeder have a song called Buck Rogers as well? Swc.

    1. Doh! Now sorted. For some reason I sometimes get Sleeper and Feeder mixed up!

  2. The blog where you get more buck for your bang! Liked the Buck 65 track and how come I don't remember Sleeper's Buck Rogers - had a bit of a soft spot for them (oh alright then, Louise Wener) in their brief indie heyday circa what would it be? 95/96ish. It passed.

    1. See comment to SWC above. Still it gave you an opportunity to drool about Louise!

  3. I will offer Buck Naked by David Byrne or Buck Nekkid by ZZ Top.

    I don't suppose The Hucklebuck counts...?