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Saturday, 31 October 2020

50 Americana Albums to Hear Before You Die - Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine


I know, I know .It is probaly not event Country Music let alone Americana but I don't really care, It is near the end of the series and there is hardly anyone still along for the ride. It's on the blue shelves so it is going in.

Never mind your Gram Parsons with his Cosmic American Music here are the Cosmic Rough Riders with some Cosmic Castlemilk Music.

From 2000 the masterpiece that is Enjoy the Melodic Sunshine is on Alan McGhee's Poptone label and includes some tracks from their two previous independent releases plus three new tracks

Allmusic makes reference to throwback California sun 'n' surf morning that never existed, the glistening harmonies, '60s light-pop touches, and over-earnest but well-mannered, tender lyrics and makes reference to Gordon Lightfoot, the Byrds and Teenage Fanclub

Trying to concieve the Cosmic Rough Riders’ opus in one sentence would sound something like this: The country incarnation of the Byrds from the end of the ’60s trying to play their mid-’60s songs with an addition of some Beatle/Chilton harmonies sung by C,S&N… - Pop Diggers

See I told you - Americana!

They had a few more albums but were at their best with their two main men of Stephen Fleming and Daniel Wylie. After Wylie left to go solo,  and releasing the excellent Ramshackle Beauty, they still came up with some pretty good records but they were never quite the same

Brothers and sister gather round and enjoy the melodic sunshine.

Cosmic Rough Riders - Brothers Gather Round

Cosmic Rough Riders - Revolution (In the Summertime)

Cosmic Rough Riders -Have You Heard the News Today?


  1. Didn't Danny Wylie once say "if I had to choose between buying 50 albums and going out with a girl, I'd choose the albums"?
    Great record, great choice. If this is americana , will tere be an album by the Teenage Fanclub featuring?

  2. I'm sure it was the Wylie boy that married a girl from across the street, it was one of this band anyway.

    1. I think you mentioned that when commenting on my post featuring his solo album Drew

  3. I'm still along for the ride. Though I don't have much to say about this lot. I got the album at the time, listened to it a bit, then promptly forgot it existed.

    Still, I might dredge it up for a future Snapshots...