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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

His 'N' Hers

2020 Charity Shop Purchases 47 - Pulp - His'n' Hers

About a month of so ago I played Different Class for the first time in ages and I can't remember the last time that I played This is Hardcore. So did I realy need a copy of His'n' Hers?

This is clearly a rhetorical question as the answer is "yes of course, don't be silly, why wouldn't you need it"
Pulp's fourth album from 1994 on Island and the one which shot them to fame.

I'm a bit in the dark as to why I don't already have this.I must have passed it by on numerous occasions in charity shops perhaps thinking that I already had it. But I took the plunge in  Dog Rehousing charity shop in the Aberdeenshire town of Alford where we were staying just outside of on the first week of our holidays.

Nominated for the Mercury Music Prize (won by M People with Elegant Slumming) it was voted the 7th greatest album of all time by Q readers in 1998 and Virgin placed it at 110 in their Top 1000 albums.

Not sure I would go that far but it has ,not before time, filled a glaring gap on the shelves