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Tuesday 13 October 2020

Heaven Up Here


2020 Charity Shop Purchase 41 - Echo and the Bunnymen - Heaven Up Here

I've a few new ones to share with you from my holidays but first here is the first of the two remaining from my pre holiday Battlefield Road haul.

They were held back slightly as the are both second albums from the bands who featured before .Last time round (number 34) I featured Echo and the Bunnymen with Ocean Rain.This time round it is Heaven Up There their second album from 1981 on the Korova label and Swiss Adam's favourite.

Reaching number 10 in the UK album charts it was also a favourite of the critics winning the Best Dressed LP (whatever that is) and Best Album in the 1981 NME awards being described as darker and more passionate than Crocodiles.

Record Mirror goes even further saying thatt he album  offered an anatomy of melancholy, resplendid with the glamour of doom. Just the thing then for all the serious young men in raincoats - you know who you are!

I've opted for the two singles A Promise which reached number 49 and Over the Wall which didn't trouble the charts.

Echo & the Bunnymen -A Promise

Echo & the Bunnymen - Over the Wall


  1. Surely one of the all-time best album covers too.

  2. Lay down thy raincoat and groove.

    I think HUH is my favourite but there are days when Ocean Rain pips it.

  3. This year has been terrible in every conceivable way except your shopping at charity shops. Seriously, how has it been out there? Does it seem like people are still bringing in the goods? Can they? I don't know the guidelines these days and am curious.

    1. They still take donations Brian but I think they quarantine them for a couple of days. Other than that the usual rules - masks, sanatizer,social distancing etc.
      I was hoping that lockdown would lead to some folk clearing out some absolute gems but it hasn't really come to that yet

    2. I took a bag of books and CDs into an Oxfam here in Sheffield last Monday only to be told they only take donations on Wednesdays between 10 and 4. I was a bit miffed as I'd made a special journey there to a shop a little distance from where I live. Nevertheless, I dutifully went back on said day between said hours. That's what comes of targetting specific genres of books 'n' CDs for specific areas of the city. And yes, I do overthink things haha