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Tuesday 31 March 2020

Willie Heath Neal

I was playing the old I-pod in the car the other day on random shuffle when two rather good songs by Willie Heath Neal popped up in close proximity.
Given that there are about 19,000 songs on it I took this as a sign to feature him here.Sadly the mp3 versions of these songs have long gone.

This led me down a Willie Health rabbit hole, albeit a reasonably shallow one given that there is not much out there.  A few songs on You Tube which are fairly generic and a few  on Bandcamp including this one which is available as a free download.

Not sure if he is still active but he seems to have led a fairly interesting life

Willie Heath Neal - Out of Highway


  1. Is it not possible to transfer a file from an ipod to a laptop?

  2. Old gubbed i-pod which the laptop does not like. MP3 long gone

  3. He's still active! He's in a duo with his wife now. The Waymores.